Personal Services

Bring Old Photos & Slides To Life in Video Albums Recorded On A Picture Show CD/DVD!

Personal Images

Over the years you have collected a lot of photos and slides and probably have them "stored" in albums, boxes, or drawers. Some of these images are treasured records for you and family members. Let us include an audio recording of your comments which would be synchronized to the photo. Also, you may wish to add Music to provide an appropriate background atmosphere. The addition of transitions between photos and movie clips provide a smooth flow for an enjoyable production approaching a professional quality.

Digital Slideshows

Combine your photos, videos and music to create spectacular slide shows. Share your fondest memories with friends and family on DVD or your PC, and the web!

Share your slide shows in virtually any format and on any device. Upload your shows direclty to YouTube® or choose from over 20 devices to direclty output to including iPod®, Blackberry®, Zune™, and more.

Home Movies to DVD

Why home movies on DVD?
Think what a joy it would be to watch those old family home movies that are sitting in your attic or garage! If you're like most of us, you don't even have a movie projector anymore, or if you do have one, the bulb is burnt out or the thing just plain doesn't work.

We can solve this problem for you!

Home Movies on DVD make wonderful gifts for family members. It's also a good way to preserve family history for your children and grandchildren -- for the ages. Instead of sitting in an old shoebox, your home movies transferred to DVD are now available to all family members. Transferring your home movies to video -- complete with music and even narration, if you wish -- is a fun, fulfilling, and rewarding experience. Why not get started today!

  • Digital Slide Shows
  • Personal Home Inventories
  • Home Movie Transfer
  • Event Videos
  • Photo Keepsakes
  • Transfer Music from Vinyl to CD
  • Video Resumes
  • Scholarship Application Videos

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Scholarship Application Video

We will video your child's special talent whether it be music or sports, etc. so that you wil be able to distribute a HD quality movie to universities as your child applies for tuition scholarships.