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Coast Video Services is a full-service video production company that will satisfy your BUSINESS needs.

As the business market place grows more competitive, you have to find ways to effectively communicate with potential customers, current clients, and employees in order for your business to be successful.

Coast Video Services can provide that "edge" your company needs. Anyone in business can tell you that the printed sales materials that comes into the office will usually end up in the trash can. But when video is used, you are able to reach potential customers that you could not reach with the typical sales brochures. In fact, research analysts have found that video is five times more effective in closing sales than the printed brochure.

Not only is video an effective sales tool, video is also a valuable part of any company's training program. With video, information can be presented to employees consistently, no matter who is giving the presentation. Techniques, procedures, and company policies are emphasized through the power of video, making it easier for employees to remember and review vital information.

Coast Video Services is a full-scale video production company that can help you design a video program that will increase your sales and your company's productivity. From the beginning concept, the staff at Coast Video can assist in script development, create a shot list, and arrange a schedule to gather the necessary footage. Coast Video Services uses state-of-the-art video equipment to shoot and edit your project, giving you a high-quality finished project. Coast Video also provides duplication services that can create reproductions of your video that are as clear as the original. We also do foreign video conversions, so you can reach clients anywhere in the world.

Contact us and find out how Coast Video can satisfy your business video needs.

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